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Bungie's Guide to Game Modes...


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Bungie has began a series of guides on the different multiplayer game modes. First off is Swords.


If you have a lock on a player above or below you, that killer-lunge will make you leap directly at anyone unfortunate enough to be in the way. You may think you?re safe on a ledge looking down, but a locked-on Sword-wielding player can lunge a lot higher than he can normally jump. The vertical game becomes vital for success.


Sounds like fun. En Garde!


Motion tracker is by default active, since it actually adds to the tension, but some players may deactivate that feature in the quick options. We prefer to keep it on. Not knowing if a player is above or below you adds a note of terror to a tense match of Swords.


Interesting that Bungie likes having the motion trackers on. I like them off for the most part, except in very small team modes.



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