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Future of WWE game license uncertain

Romier S

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New report on Gamespot:




World Wrestling Entertainment today announced that the company has filed suit against video game publisher and WWE license holder THQ, toy manufacturer Jakks Pacific, and related defendants. The WWE alleges that the video game license held by THQ and Jakks, which is currently in effect through December 2009, was obtained via a far-reaching "commercial bribery scheme." The WWE has asked the New York District Court to declare the license void and unenforceable.



I am *VERY* curious as to how this entire situation will pan out. It's distressing to say the least as I am fan of wrestling games in general and as of the last iteration or so, the Smackdown series of games. I do believe that Yukes, developer of almost every WWE game in the past 2-3 years, is partially owned by THQ. Just when they finally get a good grasp on how to make a solid WWE experience, it appears the license may go bye bye...... :(


This must also be one hell of a blow to THQ as the WWE games are no doubt an extremely important part of thier game lineup!

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Originally posted by FutureVoid@Oct 23 2004, 06:43 PM

imagine WWE guys using the Def Jam Fight for NY engine.


I don't have to imagine, it's called No Mercy and I would welcome it. ;)

Yeah, no kidding. Def Jam is basically No Mercy style.


This news shouldnt be taken as entirely negative. A shakeup like this may be huge for wrestling game fans.


But then it could suck incredibly too. :?

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Yeah, no kidding. Def Jam is basically No Mercy style.


Not just style Cameron, Def Jam's core underlying engine uses the same grappling/gameplay system featured in games like No Mercy/Wrestlemania 2000/N64 WCW (developed by AKI) with some serious modifications and updates. If EA were to pick up the license and start giving the WWE games back to AKI, I would freaking jump for joy since they remain my favorite wrestling games of all time.


The only loss would be the Smackdown series as it has made some serious progress over the past 2 years in creating a really kick ass wrestling experience (that in some ways has surpassed the old AKI games).

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I'm kind of torn on this. Part of me wants THQ to keep the license and part of me wants to see it given back to AKI. I love the new Smackdown games and think the last one was the best wrestling game to date. I also have high hopes for Raw vs. Smackdown in a couple of weeks. However, I would love to see AKI take on the WWE license again, they are the originators of great wreslting games. :)


I look at it this way, if EA gets the rights to WWE and let AKI develop it, then I hope THQ jumps on the TNA license and uses the Smackdown engine for that. I want a good TNA wrestling game damnt.



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