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Perfect Dark


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So I've only recently learned of this game. I've never owned a N64, but they can be had so cheaply nowadays I've often thought of picking one up to play GoldenEye. Now I hear about Perfect Dark and that it's supposed to be even better.


I have a few questions I'd like to ask those who've played these games before.


1. Do they control similar to this-gen FPS, using the control pad for movement and the analog stick for camera control?? If not, how are the controls??


2. How long are the games? I still own more than a few games that I haven't played on this gen yet, so I don't know if I should start getting new systems and games just to end up playing Halo 2 . If they are fairly short, it would be a good way to pass the time.


3. If you had to recommend one over the other, which would you recommend: Goldeneye or Perfect Dark??




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You can have them control sorta like current-gen FPS games, except that you'll be using your right thumb over the 4 little yellow C buttons for movement and your left thumb will be aiming with the joystick. The default setup, though, has you turning and walking forward/back with the joystick and using the C buttons to strafe left/right and look up/down. I never liked that. Anyway, lots of control schemes to choose from, but you'll definitely be aiming with your left thumb.


Took me forever to get used to aiming with my right thumb for Xbox games.


I think they're a decent length, but not too long if you just wanna run through them on normal difficulty. You can certainly spend a lot of time with them if you like them, though. In GoldenEye you get a bonus level for Hard and another for Hardest, and they're cool. And then there are all the fun cheats to unlock (by beating each level in a certain time on a certain skill level).


No mid-level saving, so the hard parts can be annoying, but you can drop the difficulty at any time (you pick the difficulty level every time you start a mission).


I'd start with GoldenEye. For all of Perfect Dark's improvements, I still liked GoldenEye better. Better missions, I think. I have a lot more memories of cool GoldenEye missions.


Crap, I just got so excited remembering those games, I think I'm gonna break out the N64 right now.

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Those are two excellent games. If I'd recommend one, I'd say Perfect Dark for the sole reason that a sequel/prequel will be released. It's a pretty good story and you get more gadgets. You may need the memory expansion pak to play it though (might just be for the higher resolution).


Still, Goldeneye was damn good too. It wasn't as complex and ran smoother due to lesser graphics (but still looked great for the time). I managed to beat it on all levels so I have the bonus levels open.


As Covak said, the control style is similar. If I recall, it's the 2nd choice (1.2?) to move with c buttons and aim with the stick.

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If I recall, it's the 2nd choice (1.2?) to move with c buttons and aim with the stick.


Yep, that's the one. I just played some GoldenEye :)


Ah man. It seems so ugly at first, and choppy. But it's still fun :) They did certain things really well with these games. I still think the bullet tracers are the best of any shooter ever.


Got through the first GoldenEye mission on 00 Agent on my first try, woot! Then again, that's one easy mission when you know exactly how it works :)

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A few words about Perfect Dark...

  • First, what the others have said about the controls is true. The default scheme is very similar to Metroid Prime if you've played that. The only difference is that you can use the C buttons to strafe and look up and down. If that control scheme isn't to your liking, you can always switch over to something more akin to the default controls on Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.
  • Both games are quite long, though Perfect Dark has a LOT more content. With both, you have three difficulty levels from which to choose, and it's a good idea to play all three. The higher difficulties feature added objectives and are usually more interesting overall because of that. With Perfect Dark, you not only have the single player game, but there's a lot to do with the multiplayer challenges. Basically, the game pits you against a set of bots in the multiplayer arenas with a set of specific conditions. Beat these challenges and you can open up new multiplayer arenas. There's also a cool shooting gallery where you can try out different challenges with each of the game's weapons.
  • Also, you do need an expansion pak to play Perfect Dark. You don't need it for the multiplayer, but you do need it to play the single player.
  • As great as Perfect Dark is, I think it would be better to start with Goldeneye. I think it's a much more balanced game overall, and I do like the feel of the controls is a little better. Also, as I mentioned earlier, Goldeneye, is a slightly shorter game, so if you're looking for a quick fix to hold you over until the release of Halo 2, I'd say that should be the one.

I hope that helps, Jeff

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stop stop, you guys are gonna make me head over to my sisters to reclaim my N64 which I gave to my niece and nephew!!!


If it helps any, so far I'm really loving playing GoldenEye again ;)


The letterbox support in these games makes me wonder: where the heck is it in current-gen games?!? :?

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