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Wireless Xbox gaming


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I really want to go wireless for my Xbox Live, but I really don't want to spend a lot of money. This thing will street 8/27 for $99 bucks.


Anyone care to comment if this looks technically sufficient for xbox live gaming?


I know next to nothing about networking, so all thoughts on the cheapest way to go wireless are much appreciated.

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I saw the linksys equivalent to that at best buy today. It was around $80, like yours.


I'm figuring on having to spend around 130-$150 to get my xbox wireless, if I go the route of wireless access point plus one of these dohickeys.


My wife gives me the Marge groan whenever I mention it.


The alternative is to just keep dragging a 2o-foot cable across the living room floor whenever I want to play live, but with "live aware" games coming soon, I want to be always connected.

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