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December OXM

Dan B.

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(copied & pasted from elsewhere; I haven't received mine yet)



POP WW- 9.6

Halo 2- 9.7

THUG 2- 8.7

KUFTC- 8.4

Men of Valor- 6.8

Ty the tasmanian 2- 6.8

Crash twin sanity- 7.3

Leisure suit larry- 2.3(lol)

Tak 2- 7.6

King arthur- 7.0

Spngebob Square pants- 8.9

Wings of War- 6.1

Mortal Kombat- 8.3

NBA live 2005- 9.3

ESPN NBA 2K5- 8.5

SvC Chaos- 7.0

X-Men Legends- 8.2

Head hunter redemption- 5.9

test drive- 8.3

Siberia 2- 6.8

FIFA 2005- 8.4






The Incredibles

Conflict Vietnam


Dukes of Hazrds

(super secret playable demo you cant miss)


Link & more info at the OXM/Team Xbox Forums:



EDIT: I guess I shouldn't have typed P.O.P. 2, but you knew I meant Warrior Within anyway, right? :?

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Is Live really better then ESPN?


No, not by that margin. Take it from someone who has both. They are both great games. I'd have rated them a 9.0 (ESPN) and an 8.9 (Live), the difference being that I like ESPN's online interface more.


Live is more video-gamey, and as a result, can be considered more fun - if that's what matters to you.




Anyhow, I'm excited to see that HALO2 got high marks...even if we don't all agree with OXM's reviews.

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Originally posted by Failsafe@Oct 22 2004, 10:11 AM

Why did it lose 0.3 points? :green:

One of the editors(?) of OXM is (was) answering just such questions here.


There are a few good answers in all the muck and drivel. The dumbasses had a great opportunity to ask meaningful questions, and they descended into ass-hattedness in no time.


Threads like these really make you appreciate how special LCVG is.


He did say that the SP campaign is "much better" than in Halo. <drool>






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On a slightly more serious note, I rented Leisure Suite Larry a couple of weekends ago and thought it was pretty good. Sure the game play was crappy, but it was more than made up for in the ?boobie physics? and Animal House style humor. It was at least worth the rental fee.

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I would give Halo 2 a slightly higher score, maybe 9.8 or 9.9, but usually about 0.5 of any score is a reviewer fudge (opinion) factor. With such an anticipated game you are bound to have expectations. When those unrealistic expectations aren't met, people tend to overreact.


When I say unrealistic expectations, I mean you get in your mind that a certain 'thing' will be in the game and when it's not, you're disappointed. Like if you are convinced there will be another spartan in game or that the flood returns (and if they don't happen), you get upset because it wasn't what you pictured. You can miss what's actually there by expecting to see something else the whole time.


The truth about Halo 2 is that it is EXACTLY like Halo 1, but a little better in almost every way. The gameplay is extremely similar (but sharper), the controls are exactly the same (with a few 'tricks' added), and the story is deeper but (so far) not any sort of Matrix type of surprises. I assume the multiplayer will kick butt, but I can't comment on that. One thing for certain is that H2 doezn't suffer from 'Fable-itis', the goods are plainly there as promised. Now whether MC gets to explode the Covenant homeworld with a dual-weilded nuke gun like you expect, well try to keep some perspectitive and an open mind to that being your personal desire and not a promised feature. :D


For the record I would have given Halo 1 a 9.7 or 9.8 too, for the time it was just as good. With Live in place and the console getting more mature, Halo 2 does the same amount of work and delivers the same polish (realitively) as the first.


If you love Halo, you will love Halo 2. If you never cared for Halo, I don't see what in H2 would cause you to do a 180 turn (maybe multiplayer though?)

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Originally posted by Carlucci@Oct 22 2004, 11:24 AM

The dumbasses had a great opportunity to ask meaningful questions, and they descended into ass-hattedness in no time.

I think the word you're looking for is asshattery. Used in a sentence:


"I do not like Forum X; many of the members there practice asshattery."


I think I'll avoid the review in OXM. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but a review won't dissuade me from buying Halo 2 -- so with the threat of a review or screenshot serving up spoilers I'll abstain. Warning to LCVG members: although there aren't any spoilers (at least on the first page) you might see some hints you'd rather avoid.


Anyone try the POP2 demo?



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Originally posted by FutureVoid@Oct 31 2004, 01:30 AM

Anyone looking to unlock the Phantom Dust demo on the latest OXM, go here:




I sent the code to Chris (Ruffneck) earlier and he'll post a confirmation on whether it works or not.

I can confirm the code works. And I can also confirm that I need to learn Japanese. Thank you.

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