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B.C. suspended

Dan B.

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According to a notice from Peter Molyneux at Lionhead's site:

Lionhead Studios announced today that its plans for Xbox title BC have been suspended. BC was being developed by Intrepid Computer Entertainment, part of Lionhead Studios.


In announcing the decision to suspend work on BC, Peter Molyneux Managing Director of Lionhead Studios said ?The decision to suspend work on any games project is always a very difficult one, particularly when it is a title with the potential of BC. We hope to revive the project at a later date and will endeavour to assign as many of the team as possible to other Lionhead projects.?




Well I'm disappointed! I was totally looking forward to this game. I wonder if it's been moved to Xbox 2?

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It's the last you'll see of it for now - "We hope to revive the project at a later date " is the rallying cry of every project put on hold, but it's exceptionally rare for a project to be restarted down the line. We shall see.


Intrepid are being closed down which isn't made clear in the reports I've read today.

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My money is on the fact that like Fable, the aspirations were too lofty and could not be achieved. Suspending it does nothing to harm the market share of the current Xbox. Pushing it off to become an Xbox 2 exclusive, and allowing the new technology to lift the game experience to soaring new heights will be a huge boon to the success of the Xbox 2 launch.


This game WILL see the light of day.

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This game WILL see the light of day.


What makes you so confident? This isn't the first of Molyneaux's "high concept" games to get cancelled. It's a project that's had an extremely turbulent development cycle up until the last six months to a year allegedly. It's a project without a clear direction or design, allegedly.


If it's to boost the Xbox2 launch, it needs to be in development right now. It's clearly not.

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