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Wreckless 2

Romier S

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So TeamXbox has 10 PAGES! worth of Wreckless 2 screenshots. I can't say much for the gameplay but the DAMN does the game look freaking stellar. Most of the screenshots are taken at unrealistic resolutions and I doubt the final game will look this good but if it's even a fraction... :drool . Of course the graphics were the only thing worth seeing in the original game. Still, I prefer to remain somewhat optimistic and hope that the developers are going to have some level of compelling gameplay to go along with all the prettiness. Here's a sample image:




Take a look at the rest here .

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After playing Burnout 3, I realize that Wreckless was trying to be that game. Is that accurate?


Wreckless was the unofficial sequel to Super Runabout on the Dreamcast (itself the sequel to Runabout on the PS1). So the games have been around since long before the XBox was anything more than a vague idea in Bill's head.


More seriously, they're much more akin to Midtown Madness than anything else I can think of, certainly moreso than Burnout.

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