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Interview with PSP engineer


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I found a link to this interview over at slashdot, it's a 3-part interview with one of the developers of the PSP. It was 'furiously' translated from Japanese, so there's some odd, even ambiguous grammar, but it reveals some interesting things. For example:


Q: Will it be possible to link the PSP and the Playstation 2?


Kawanishi: Sending and receiving of data via a USB connection, wireless LAN or Memory Stick will all be possible. Because two-way communication is possible with USB, you will be able to display information (identical or different) on the screens of both the Playstation 2 and the PSP at the same time. It is also technically possible to use the PSP as a Playstation 2 controller (Editor: It is not clear whether this is currently possible).


Q: Concerning the rechargeable battery, was the decision to use a removeable battery and not an internal (non-removeable) one made at the start of development?


Kawanishi: Yes, that's right. With a removeable battery, you can remove it and replace it when it runs out. If you became unable to use the PSP at the same time, it would be a little sad (i.e. if the battery was internal and non-removeable).


Q: Will you sell reserve batteries as well?


Kawanishi: Yes.


There's also a vague answer to a question about the battery life, basically he says "it depends on what you're doing."


Q: Will it be possible to copy game data saved on a Memory Stick to a PC for storage?


Kawanishi: Yes, that will be possible. There are two reasons for that - one is that we want to protect game data. The other is, because the media is generic, you might want to use or copy other data, such as JPEG image files, from a PC. Our thinking is to support both types of use.


For example, things like a specific character or data, you want to be able to easily take them anywhere, don't you? Memory Stick can be used for those types of things as well.


Q: A question concerning game development, will it be possible to make MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games?


Kawanishi: That should pose no problems. Network games that connect to standard networks can be developed in the same way as for the Playstation 2.

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