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Splinter Cell 2 announced...


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Well, it's not called 2, but it's the next Splinter Cell "story"... Multiplatform & featuring online play.


What's most interesting to me is not the details - everyone knew it was coming - it's more the timing of the game/announcement. They didn't show it or announce it at E3 which was last week, instead they waited to let the "buzz" of the show clear to allow them to get more attention from the press. I think more companies are doing the same this year, just look at the number of high profile "absentees".


I find it interesting that they're NOT releasing the game in the run-up to Christmas. I'd like to know if it was originally aimed for that & slipped, or if that was always the plan - it makes sense as again the market is overcrowded in the months before Christmas.

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