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John Peel Dead at age 65


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Quote taken from Cure fansite A Chain of Flowers


John was a huge musical influence on my life. Robert recently said that he was a 'life blood' So, I'm remembering the years from 1978 onwards that I used to listen to the radio in the dark on a school night in my bedroom, walls covered in posters of the bands that he was playing on the radio, from 10pm - 12 each night. Hoping my parents wouldn't hear me as I recorded such great 'Peel' sessions broadcast by the likes of The Cure, SLF, The Smiths, The Clash, The Ruts, Joy Division, The Undertones, Siouxsie, Bauhaus, Altered Images, Slowdive and so many more great and important bands. From Punk, Alternative, Indie....it's impossible to name them all. I was lucky enough to meet him about 10 years ago whilst in the South of France at a music conference. He was drinking a can of lager at 10am and I told him that he was a huge influence on my life. He thanked me and took another swig of lager!


John Peel RIP


Definetely someone who brought new and interesting music into the limelight. I can't possibly count the number of "Peel Sessions" I own.

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It's really terrible news. Since his death was announced mid afternoon it's been hard to avoid coverage in the media both televised, on the radio and online here in the UK with Newsnight even devoting a segment to him on BBC2 this evening. THE best man in the history of British radio as far as I am concerned. It's a massive shock that he died, and he truly died far too soon.


He?s surely unparalleled in the industry in dedicating so much time to new and little known acts. I think he raised the bar on that level leaving it well beyond the reach of any who try to follow him, but for me, Peel, and the music he introduced to countless listeners over the years forged the very definition of what radio should be. His shows set important examples in radio which I hope the BBC continue to adhere to.


The radio was a far better place with him on the airwaves.





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I actually heard about this about 16 hours ago now, and didn't post at first because I'm really struggling to express how strangely upset about it I am. John was like the nation's trendy uncle, who always had these cool new bands he wanted to introduce to you. The various weird anecdotes from around the country presented on his Radio 4 show Home Truths only added to this - I'm not kidding when I say that it really does feel like being told a member of my family has died. Not quite my brother, but one of those uncles you see once every couple of years.


I actually do have a connection to him, though - he and my Dad used to bump into each other a couple of times at the football. Being both fellow Tractor Boys and Beefheart fans from way, way back, they got on well. Dad has always treasured the copy of the (itself quite rare) Grow Fins rarities compilation that John gave him.

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