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Great New Release Games for Sale ? All Systems


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A Lot of Brand New/Sealed Games, these are not Imports or anything funny like that. ?PayPal only, unless you can not use it, then contact me



HALO 2 Limited Edition - $48.00 Shipped on Tuesday the 9th in the Morning

Tiger Woods 2005- $40.00 Shipped

X-Men Legends - $40.00 Shipped

Star Wars Battle Front - $40.00 Shipped

NBA Ballers -$22.00 Shipped

Disney Skateboarding - $20.00 Shipped

Dynasty Warriors 4 - $18.00 Shipped

Beyond Good and Evil ? $17.00 Shipped

<s>HALO 2 - $40.00 Shipped on Tuesday the 9th in the Morning</s> ***SOLD***

<s>Fable - $40.00 Shipped </s>****SOLD****

<s>Burnout 3 -$40.00 Shipped </s>****SOLD****

<s>Dead or Alive: Ultimate - $40.00 Shipped</s>****SOLD****

<s>The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay $22.00 Shipped</s>****SOLD****



X-Men Legends - $40.00 Shipped

Star Wars Battle Front - $40.00 Shipped

Tiger Woods 2005- $40.00 Shipped

Ace Combat 5 ? $40.00 Shipped ***PENDING***

Burnout 3 - $40.00 Shipped***PENDING****

<s>Grand Theft Auto (San Andreas )- $40.00 Shipped </s>****SOLD****


Game Cube

<s>Mario Tennis - $40.00 Shipped Shipped on Tuesday the 9th in the Morning</s>***SOLD***

Paper Mario - $40.00 Shipped

Pikmin 2 - $40.00 Shipped

Tales of Symphonia ? $40.00 Shipped


Please let me know if you have any questions. ?I should be getting some other new titles soon. ?I will update them as I can get them


- Scott


EDIT: Fixed strikethrough tags

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