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Songs You'd Like to See in Donkey Konga 2


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This talk of a survey Nintendo has on its website concerning Donkey Konga got me to thinking about the possibilities of a sequel. Specifically, I started thinking about the songs I'd like to see, which in turn lead me to wonder what sort of music you guys would like.


So, here's the deal. Let's pretend Nintendo called you up and asked you to pick two songs, and only two songs, for Donkey Konga 2. One of the songs has to be a mainstream song, preferably something that was a big hit that people will recognize when they hear it. The second song must be a tune from a classic Nintendo game. If this scenario arose, what would your choices be?


Also, please be sure to post the reasons for your selections. After all, we gotta know what's going through your head when you make your choices. :D


I'll get things going with my own selections.



"The River of Dreams" by Billy Joel

I'm a huge Billy Joel fan, and this is one of my favorite songs of his. I think part of the reason why I chose it was that it had an interesting beat, particularly at the beginning where the strong percussion plays a prominent role. I was listening to this tune earlier tonight, trying to imagine where the claps would be, when you'd hit both bongos at once, and when you'd do the drum rolls. Overall, it just struck me as a really fun song to use for a game like this.



"Magmoor Caverns Theme" by Kenji Yamamoto (from Metroid Prime)

When I play this game and get to this level, I'll sometimes prolong my journey a tad just so that I can enjoy hearing the music that plays over it. It's one of those tunes that can get in my head and stick with me all day long. In short, I love this piece of music and believe the steady, march-like rhythm would work well with the congas.

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Nice, fellow Billy Joel fan :tu:.


I've actually been giving some thought to this myself, actually, and there are a couple of songs I'd love to see in the next game.


I'm not holding my breath, and this is fairly ridiculous, but I'd LOVE to see "Copa Cabana" in the next game. Scoff if you will, but if you've ever heard the steel drum version they used to do on the old Super Dave show you'd know it is a simply genius ;).


If I had a back-up and I know I'm not allowed so I won't detail it, it would be "Push It" by Garbage or "Do Your Thing" by Basement Jaxx.


For a Nintendo song? Hmm, harder. To be blunt, I didn't care for the Zelda theme remix they did in the original so I wouldn't say no to a different take on that theme. And with the Mario theme, they could use the steel drum version from the secret world of Super Mario World and that would be most awesome.


Should I be forced to pick something new, I'd have to say the Metroid Prime theme. I have no idea how they could adapt that to Donkey Konga at all, but damn if I just don't love that theme ;).

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YYZ from Rush! :lol: Just kidding, but they might as well ALL be this song for how difficult they are on Gorilla level.



My kids and I just talked about it, and they want to see "Hey Ya' on there. I would say maybe "Music" from Madonna. That would offer a lot of possibilities for some good beat and clapping mixed in.


For a Nintendo song, the theme from Starfox. My 9 year old can hum that entire song.



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Mainstream definatly Copa Cobana . Classic song and it would work great with the bongos. its the first song i mentioned to my brother about a song i would want on there.


Or i would like to see the Star Wars Theme Song or the James Bond theme song. Long shot , but it would be pretty fun to have both of these on there



The nes songs i wanted are already on there. However im sure they could rework some sort of tetris music to fit the bongo theme



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The Specials "Little Bitch" - Great tune by a great ska band. It's so much fun in Smaba De Amigo, I can't imagine how it wouldn't be in Donkey Konga. Lots of other ska tunes would be good as well.


Can't think of a Nintendo tune, but i can suggest a piece of classical music instead. Clapping Music by Steve Reich would be great fun, although it would multiplayer only. A few unison parts, but lots of interplay and complex rhythms between the parts later in the piece. Neat stuff.

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Originally posted by iCamp@Oct 30 2004, 02:22 PM

I'd just like to see them add the real songs by the original artists. It's a shame they didn't do so in the current title.

It is a shame that they didn't get the original songs. Here's hoping that they rectify this if the sequel ever gets made.


"My Sharona" by The Knack. If any song ever begged to be bongofied, it's that one.


That's a great suggestion! I'll second that! :tu:


Here's couple more ideas for possible songs. First "Hotel California" by the Eagles. Specifically, I'd like to hear the live version off of their Hell Freezes Over album, since it features a prominent bongo rhythm throughout most of the song.


As for a classic Nintendo song, I also would like to see the level music from Super Mario World. In particular, I'd like to hear the piano version of it. I shudder to think what that would be like on gorilla.

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'real' song - I'd love to do Pearl's Girl by Underworld. Its got an amazing rhythm section on it, and the multi-layered stuff would suit multiplayer wonderfully.


'game' song - Aww, go on. Ask Sega nicely. I'm sure they'll agree to license Magical Sound Shower for a reasonable price.

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I'd like anything by Def Leppard. I'd also love a speed metal song that has some of that insane drumming going on like Stratovarius's "Black Diamond".


As for game music... the Dark World theme from Zelda III or a Legend of Zelda main theme that doesn't suck and sound weak (the current one blows, I've heard many versions that were better). How about some Metroid music?

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After doing some googling here is what I was able to find:




All Star

The Anthem


Born Too Slow

Come Clean


Donkey Konga 2 Theme


Full Moon



High Roller

Hit 'Em Up Style

I Don't Want To Know (If You Don't Want Me)

It's Been Awhile

La Bamba

Losing My Religion

The Minute Waltz

No More Drama



Road Trip

Rock The Boat

Send The Pain Below

Shiny Happy People




U Don't Have to Call


Why Don't We Fall In Love

Wish You Were Here

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Oh well. You poor Americans continue to miss out on what is surely the all-time highlight of virtual bongo playing; the PAL Konga exclusive Richard III.


My requests for PAL Konga 2? More Supergrass! I really want to try Caught By The Fuzz or Mansize Rooster, though again they're probably both a touch risqu? for Nintendo.

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