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EGM reviews the major games of November

Romier S

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These scores have apparently been confirmed by two subscribers on another forum. Though I still recommend taking these with a grain of salt until I can confirm them for myself. Some of these scores seem a little high to me. The scores and acccompanying comments listed below for you:


Prince of Persia Warrior Within 9.0, 9.0, 8.5.

Good: Awesome combat system

Bad: Repetitive level design

Final 88%


Halo 2 (GotM): 10, 10, 9.5

Good: Superb online mode, polished to perfection

Bad: The game ends

Final: 98%


Metroid Prime 2: 10, 9.5, 9.5

Good: Incredible atmosphere

Bad: No online mode in multiplayer

Final 96.6 = 97%


Metal Gear Solid 3: 10, 9.5, 9.0

Good: Polished gameplay, excellent voice acting

Bad: Weird and nonsensical plot twists

Final: 95%


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: 10, 10, 9.0

Good: Absurd amount of variety

Bad: The PS2 is showing its age

Final 96.6 = 97%


Killzone: 8.0, 7.5, 8.0

Good: Fast gameplay, excellent music

Bad: Horrendous slowdown

Final 78%


Baten Kaitos: 7.5, 9.0, 8.0

Good: It'll please RPG aficionados...

Bad: ...but definitely not newbies

Final: 81.66 = 82%


Viewtful Joe 2: 8.5, 9.0, 8.5

Good: Fully realized character swapping

Bad: No co-op mode. What happened?

Final: 86.5 = 87%


Mario Power Tennis: 8.0, 8.5, 8.5

Good: Intensely fun multiplayer matches...

Bad: ...but they aren't online

Final: 83%


Ratchet and Clank 3: 9.0, 9.5, 9.5

Good: Awesome online play

Bad: Single-player hasn't changed much

Final: 93%



November is going to hurt regardless of the scores listed. ;)



EDIT: In researching the scores it appears an editor from GMR has confirmed that these are fake. Apologies for the premature list.

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Hmm, I've heard around that these scores are more bogus than Ashlee Simpson's voice box


Mark, I edited the original post two hours after I posted it and noted they were fake. Where in the heck have you been?;)



Apparently these are the real EGM scores for the month as they have been confirmed by EGM staffers on the Gaming Age forums:


MGS 3 9, 9.5, 10

NFSU 2 8, 9, 8

GTA:SA 10,10,10 (GOTM)

Halo 2 10,10,10 (GOTM)

MP:2 9, 9, 10

Killzone 7, 7.5, 8

Mario tennis 9, 7.5, 8

Outrun 2 6, 6.5, 8

Baten Kaitos 6.5, 8, 7.5


FIGHT CLUB 2.5, 3.0, 2.0

Growlanser Generations 7,7,8



EDIT: Updated with Editors quick thoughts:


Halo 2 10,10,10 (GOTM Tie)

Good:Story,Controls and multiplayer we'll be hooked on for months

Bad: A couple single player levels drag on a bit


Outrun 2 6.5 6.0 8.0

Good:Sliding sideways between two trucks at 168 mph

Bad:Getting slappped by the hussy riding shotgun when you lose


SVC Chaos SNK vs. Capcom 6.0 6.0 3.0

Good:Classic 2d feel with next gen online play

Bad:Nothing we haven't seen before



Need For Speed Underground 2 8.0 9.0 8.0

Good: Huge game, equally huge car customization options

Bad: Desperately hip faux street lingo, long load times


Xmen Legends 7.5 7.0 8.0

Good:Entertaining combat X-tras for the fans

Bad: Annoying loading before accessing your character menu


The Bards Tale 6.5 6.0 9.0

Good:Smarmy hero, cheeky story

Bad:Ultra-repetitive dungeons and combat


Fight Club 2.5 3.0 2.0 (Shame of the month)

Good:Much of the soundtrack is liscensed from the movie

Bad:The game is obviously unfinished


Lord of the Rings: The Third Age 7.0 7.0 5.0

Good:Lovely graphics, decent fighting system

Bad:No story...literally


Godzilla Save the earth 6.0 4.5 5.5

Good:Nails the godzilla vibe

Bad:Plodding gameplay grows tedious


The urbz: Sims in the city 7.5 5.0 7.0

Good: Less drudgery, more sucking face

Bad:Still manages to feel repetitive at times


--Other Noteworthy Reviews--

GTA San Andreas 10 10 10 (GOTM)

Good:Gigantic world, limitless play variety, "Freebird"

Bad: Little janky at times


Ratchet Clank:UP your arsenal 9.0 9.0 10

Good:Strong mix of platforming and combat

Bad: Single player might be too short for some


Killzone 7.5 8.0 7.0

Good:Fantasitc presentation gets you all gung ho for action

Bad: the action's rough and unpolished


Metroid Prime Echoes 9.0 9.0 10

Good: Gorgeous graphics, plentiful secrets

Bad: Some overtly convoluted level design


Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater 9.0 9.5 10

Good: Gripping story, breathtaking graphics, tight controls

Bad:Camera problems, some wonky dialogue

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