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Ultra Bust-a-Move


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I like the game in small doses, but I don't think I'll go so far as $20. I kinda have my fingers crossed for it in a PopCap package in Live Arcade (PopCap's version is called Dynomite).


Of course, I don't know what PopCap will offer or for how much.




Edit: Sorry, no I haven't seen any reviews. :oops: Didn't mean to ignore your question and threadjack!

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It's not really a threadjack to mention a clone of the game, IMO. It very well may be worth waiting to see what happens with PopCap games on Live Arcade.


I looked at GameRankings and they show 2 reviews for UBAM, one in OXM that got 88% and one at Cheat Code Central (not sure if they are worth considering or not) for 90%.

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