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Monkey notes on the changeover

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1. As you know, your avatar must be 105 x 105 pixels or the software will resize it. I'll make some templates available shortly for those of you who want them.



2. Please note the links at the bottom of each page: Privacy Policy, Intellectual Property, Terms of Use and Forum Guidelines. These are required reading. Remember, these douments protect you as well as the forum.



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Okay, here's two more tips for everyone: Look at the bottom of your page.


See the button on the lower left? It's called Open Topic Options. Click it and see what happens.


The Fast Reply button works the same way (lower right). I went to my Controls and set "Show Quick Reply when available" to "no". Then I just hit that butotn when I want it and a reply window slides open.



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Ouch. Nope, there must be more to it than only resizing larger ones; my relatively tiny avatar has been stretched vertically and generally wrecked. Oh well, time to make a new one.


edit - ah. Perversely, if I re-submit my avatar through the relevant page, it unstretches. So thats the answer.

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