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Nintendo spoofs Halo 2 promotion?

Robot Monkey

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Originally posted by Pharmboy@Oct 31 2004, 06:11 PM

Wow, that's weird, you'd think Nintendo were trying to sell their game or something...

Now, why in the world would they want to do that? Sounds like crazy talk to me.


There are also a couple of other websites you can check out related to Metroid Prime 2. The first is one called Channel 51, which is a website supposedly devoted to conspiracies dealing with alien cover ups. There are a few videos to be found on this site, which are obviously taken from the game itself.


This website also features a banner ad to a company called Orbis Labs, which is supposedly a company devoted to bleeding edge military technology. The company has developed a device called the Battle Sphere, which is eerily similar to one of Samus Aran's trademark abilities.


Oh, and since this does technically belong in the GameCube forum, Jay, you wouldn't mind moving it there, would you? :D

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I just think its funny that Nintendo has to try and capitolize on Halo 2's success.


Nintendo doesn't "have" to do anything. Metroid is a long-standing brand name and will sell regardless of its advertising. I doubt they're breaking a sweat over whether the game will make a profit with or without an ad campaign.


Anyway, it's certainly within your right to not find it clever. I think it's genius because not only does it capitalize on pre-existing advertising to get people talking, but it is also reminiscent of the great back-and-forth that Nintendo and Sega used to have back in the day.

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If that's the case, then those fanboys have done a pretty good job of fooling people. Check out the news about Metroid Prime 2 at GameSpot and you'll see that they also picked up on the story (although for some odd reason, the link to their story no longer works). Perhaps they did some digging and found out what you did.

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Many years ago, my company (Texaco) rolled out CleanSystem-3 gasoline, with the slogan, "It's that good!"


Exxon, on the day of our rollout, took out a full page ad in the newspaper to tout their "Formula 4" Gasoline, saying "It's better!" Of course, there was no formula 4 gasoline. It was just meant as a dig to try to take some wind out of he marketing sails.



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