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DS US commercials on TV

Rob B

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Watching smackdown on Thursday and an odd commercial comes on..................



The commercial starts out with color bars which switch to static. Ironically I had been have trouble with my satellite signal on Thursday so I thought I lost the signal again. Then two little blue squares appear, I'm thinking what the hell? Then it becomes all so clear as the Nintendo DS appears on the screen. Very clever commercial it got my attention right away.


did some quick "Googling" and found a l;ink to the above ad



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Originally posted by J.Fo@Oct 31 2004, 08:38 PM

Awesome commercial! Thanks for the link, Bobbio.


I have to say that's a pretty good teaser for the DS. Hopefully we'll see more in the future that show a little more of the system and the games coming for it.



And no Proplem


However I was pissed of at Frist though because I had just got the Sat. working again, and I saw the staic and was like DAMMIT.

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