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Birthdays and Holidays


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Having just turned 30 yesterday, I was thinking about what it?s like to have my birthday on a holiday. I?ve always enjoyed being a Halloween baby. As a kid it was great because everyone got to dress up, eat lots of candy, and have a good time. Now as an adult it?s pretty much the same thing. Everyone is already in the celebration mood so it just flows. It?s always been fun.


Therefore, as far as holidays go, Halloween is by far my favorite. I know I?m a bit biased, but if I were to have my druthers, I would choose Halloween over any other holiday to be born on. I was wondering if any others on this board had a birthday fall in with a holiday or any day of importance (personally or socially). And if so, what are your thoughts on it? For every one else, if you had your choice of holidays to have your birthday on, which one would it be?

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Originally posted by Orpheus@Nov 2 2004, 12:04 AM

May 7th. National Maturbation Day. woo-hoo!!


(doesn't it seem like there is almost a holiday for every day of the year? at least mine wasn't made up by a great card company. :))

Be sure to remind us, Travis, and we will all "celebrate" on your birthday. ;) You don't have to worry about calling Joel though. :D

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My b-day is on Feb. 17th. 3 days after Valentines day and every few years it falls on Presidents Day. I kind of like where my b-day falls. I get a gift or two for Valentine's day and then more on my b-day. Valentine's Dayu is almost like a "warm up" for my b-day. :)


Oh, me and Michael Jordan celebrate the same birthday. :)



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Originally posted by Whooter@Nov 1 2004, 10:05 PM

December 5th, here. I don't recall ever getting short-changed, though. I guess almost three weeks apart is enough. :tu:

Lucky you, I guess 3 days makes a difference.

I'm Dec 8th (The day rock and roll died) and I've always gotten the "it counts for your birthday and christmas" line or I get something small because xmas is coming up and they need to save money cause they're buying presents for everybody else.

During college, it fell during dead week before finals of the fall semester, so nobody would do anything.


I haven't had a good birthday in years.

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