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Console Ownership Breakdown


What Current Consoles Do You Own?  

  1. 1. What Current Consoles Do You Own?

    • Playstation 2
    • GameCube
    • Xbox
    • More than one system
    • I have all three - Yes, I Rule!
    • Feh-I'm still playing on my NES...

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Welcome to our first new poll!


Which,as you can see, is one of the old polls. I feel that it is good to see who owns what & why they do so. You might find someone that you talk to that has some of the same interests that you do.


Personally, I'm a hardcore videogame collector. I learned way back in the Atari/Intellivision/Colecovision days that in order to play the best games, you need all the systems.


I honestly believe this. Heck, even the Sega 32x & the Atari Jaguar have a few excellent games :green:


Needless to say, I own all 3 current systems. The Xbox,with its Live play,gets the most use. Next is the PS2, & bringing up the rear is the GameCube.


But I love all three, & wouldn't dream of giving them up.

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I had quite a time trying to decide on which of the three consoles I would begin with. I chose the Cube for a few reasons, Zelda and Metroid among the most obvious. At this point the Cube is all I have. One day I hope to have at least the Xbox, but we'll see.


I tend to spend most of my game time on the PC.

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I also rule. My boys have the Gamecube and Ps2 upstairs in their gameroom, and I have the xBox as part of my HT setup downstairs.


So, I hardly ever play the Ps2 and GCN, except when we want to get in on some multiplayer mayhem on Super Smash Bros or Mario Party. (and soon, Mario Kart DD) When we do that, they bring the system downstairs.


I haven't touched the Ps2 hardly at all lately.


Our setup always makes it hard to decide which version to get. On the one hand, I want to encourage the xbox platform, because I much prefer the

controller-S to any other, and then I can play late at night. ON the other hand, it makes it harder for the boys to play games on weekends, because then we have to stop watching TV/movies on the main screen.

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