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Will it be Link,Spawn, or Heihachi?


What version of Soul Calibur II will you get?  

  1. 1. What version of Soul Calibur II will you get?

    • Xbox - Finally,Spawn is in a good game!
    • GameCube - Link with the Master Sword? Cool...
    • PS2 - Heihachi will kick ass! (even without any weapons!)
    • More than one
    • Getting all three
    • Passing on this game

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Does the soul still burn for you?

Soul Calibur II hits stores this week - so are you excited?


I am. The first game for the DC took me off guard & totally blew me away. I haven't played a better fighting game since then. For me, I'm getting the Xbox version. Between the ultra-fast loading times, the best graphics & sound, & Spawn as the exclusive character - that is the one for me. Though when the prices drop - I'll probably get the GC version for Link as well.


As for the PS2, I don't care what anyone says - putting Heihachi, who uses no weapons, into a weapons-based game is just stupid. Between that, the lesser visuals, & the load times, it is a no sale for me.

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I Just read the IGN insider head-to-head comparison of the three platforms, and the gave the "win" to the xbox version.


I'm not sure what their policy is about quoting from their content, so I'll paraphrase:


With 5.1 DD surround, the xbox is the clear winner for sound. It has more base, more separation, and the rear sound effects surpass the DPLII that the others offer.


Xbox also won for graphics, but just barely. It has a smoother frame-rate, and Ps2 has some problems with the framerate.


Gamecube actually one for "presentation", mainly because they use the exact same weapons out of the Zelda games for Link to wield, and they even brought over the theme music and sound effects.


The three platforms tied for "features" and "control".


Overall, the xbox won, but their final advice is to buy based on your favorite exclusive character and favorite controller.


Gamecube was their 2nd choice.

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Already got the GameCube import. Link was fantastic, which surprised me.


Got the XBox version and Spawn rocks just as hard.


As for the "three new characters," Assassin, Berserker, and Lizardman, I can already play as them in the GameCube import because I have an Action Replay cheat to unlock them.


"Go ahead. Hate me." -Ivy

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