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Would you play in an online league or clan?


Would you play in an online league or clan?  

  1. 1. Would you play in an online league or clan?

    • Yes
    • No
    • In a league,not a clan
    • In a clan,not a league
    • What the heck are you talking about?

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Yes. Yes. Yes.

Did I Say Yes??? :green:



I've been involved in a few NFL Leagues since the gaming consoles went online. While most didn't last very long - one has thrived - & even though I get creamed on a semi-regular basis - it still is fun to compete against others in a structured format.


As for clans - the way most are run - I would not. But, having run a SOCOM clan with people who are my friends (many of which are members here) - if I could be in a clan like that - something with friends - no stupid tryouts,just some competitive fun - then I'm all over it. (Many of us would still be playing SOCOM on a regular basis, if it wasn't for the cheaters...)

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No, sorry. I love a regular get-together group-play type thingy, but I'm just not reliable enough (thanks to having stacks of things to do other than gaming; hi Caroline) to actually plan weeks in advance to be available at a certain time or we lose.

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I would. I've seen clans run well in the past, so I know it can be done. It gets tricky, though, because you need to have enough people so players have to commit their time, or you have to carry a lot of spares. One way leads to people getting pissed about it taking up too much time, and the other leads to people complaining about not getting to play enough. But it's always hard to please everyone.


I think your method is probably best, Calvin. A more laid-back approach.

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I'm thinking I'd like to join a clan (hint, hint ;)).

I find myself playing XBL all the time and a lot of the people on my friends list don't seem to play much if at all. :( So what ends up happening is I have to play with "randoms" and a lot of them suck. Then you got your TKer's, spawn-campers, stat-whores, etc. It'd be nice to play with the same group of "good" players.

In squad-based games like RTCW, constantly playing as a group is definitely an asset. Everybody gets familiar with the maps and their roles.

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