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The Ultimate 3rd Party Controller...AND It's Wireless!

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Wow, that's quite intriguing. At that price it's probably worth giving it a shot, after all my biggest gripe with the sony controller is that I'm not as accurate as I could be with diagonal moves in fighters. Wireless is just icing on the cake (be great for those long Socom 2 sessions that are bound to be coming).

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This does sound nice. I've become somewhat bitter about wireless controllers. I've spent a good amount of cash on several and have been let down by every single one, for different reasons.


Even my Wavebirds have had problems. Sometimes I cannot get one of them to communicate with the GC, I haven't yet figured out why...but I often have to unplug the receiver from the GC or switch channels and then switch it back.


I had a MadCatz for the PS2 (looks almost identical to the Sony controller) that stopped working altogether.


The MadCatz I have for the Xbox (the Lynx) is decent, but I've found that in games where the triggers are important, the standard S controller has much better (read: linear) response. And the sticks occasionally, well, stick in one direction. The S controller just seems more responsive and in games where timing is crittical (like THPS or Kelley Slater) I do much better with the S.


Then there's the $60 Logitech controller, which is well made, but the sticks are shaped in such a way that if you push them from the sides it hurts after about 15 minutes. Logitech clearly expects you to place your thumb on the top of the stick, since they are cupped, but I just cant play that way. I need to be able to push the stick from the side...and Sony clearly understands this because the Dual Shock is nicely rounded along the edge.


So needless to say, I'm skeptical of any 3rd party controller. From my experience with the Lynx especially, I'm not sure you can really judge a controller until you've played many different kinds of games that test out all of the components.

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