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Geographic locations

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I can't remember if the old forum software had them or not... being on the west coast, and finding that most of the guys on Xbox Live are on the east coast, it is very helpful to know where someone is from when I am discussing playing online with them.


Is there a way to add each person's location under their "bit" rating?


P.S. It doesn't come up with the "mini-profile" button either.

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Originally posted by gigapower@Aug 27 2003, 07:23 PM

My only issue with it is that some people just put silly stuff in it.

Well, then require actual locations. If you put a good reason (like those mentioned here), people shouldn't have a problem with it. They don't even have to be specific to a city or anything, but a timezone at least would be nice and maybe a country.

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Well, then require actual locations.


I'm with this for reasons stated above, and the price thing is a good point. I mean, couldn't we just insert a new rule in the list saying that if you're going to put in a location then it has to be an actual location not some bullshit one? That way people who want to can do so and those who aren't comfortable can skip it.


Realistically, most of the pinheads who would violate that rule would end up getting the whippin' stick for something else anyway so no harm no foul :).

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