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NCAA Football 2004: Discussion


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I didn't see a thread here for the past several days about this game, so I figured I'd start one.


I've been playing this game for quite some time now. I'm in my third year with U.K. I won the national title my second year, and I'm on my way for a third.


I run and shoot the ball. Thirty to forty short passes and fifteen to twenty runs. I'm averaging about 410 yards of offense and putting up 45+ points a game. I'm running the game on All-American.


What are your dynasty stories or impressions of the game?

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(X-box version)


Well, I am about to play in the National Championship in my 1st year of my Dynasty with my beloved "Fightin' Irish". I won Coach of the Year and I had one player make All-American and 3 made the 2nd Team All-American.


I am a run 1st throw 2nd type of player (always have been). I only average about 190 passing with the Irish, but about 175 on the ground. I play on All-American level with slider adjustments.



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I'm in my 2nd season with UL Monroe.


I'm only averaging about 300 total offense, but I'm playing with an awful team... or at least they were awful when I got there. Coach of the year. :) I'm averaging about 200 on the ground each game, running the option, and about 100 in the air. I haven't spent a good deal of time on the passing game yet as my receivers stink.


I bought the PS2 version because of the online play. I know 2 friends that have PS2's and bought the game, so I couldn't pass up the chance to play against them.



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