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NFL Fever 2004 First impressions


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Well ive played a few games of NFL fever and ill say this. This game is leaps ahead of last years. The games graphics are excellent and while seeing replays you can see how good the graphics can get. the controllers are excellent as you have 3 types of passing to use. I still have a lot of praticing to do on it but looks like this game will be very enjoyable. Now only if XSN would get put up so we can start our league :-) More comments as i play more



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Damn it, I'm dying to buy this but console football games are my Achilles heel. I'm so bad at them that I usually quit playing them after a few days and never go back to them. I don't know what it is because I can usually master just about any game if I put my mind to it, except football games.


Maybe I'll try trading in last years NFL 2K3. Does anyone have any idea what I might get for this as a trade in at EB Games or Gamestop?


Edit - Meant to say NFL 2K3.

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Where to begin.....


1. The new passing system is garbage. MS tried way too hard to top SEGA's and EA's perfect passing system. The Read and Lead system needs to go the way of the Atari Jaguar. Hit two different buttons to pass is ridiculous, especially under a blitz.


2. The camera is very jerky sometimes. I also don't like the fact that you have to sit there and play with the damn camera to get a good view of the field.


3. Too hard to line shift on defense. Again, you have to push too many buttons. In a fast paced game like football, this is uncalled for.


4. Money Plays galore. This has been a negative with every Fever so far. I found four money plays playing with different teams. I refused to use them, even when losing.


5. Running game. There is none. Guys like Faulk and Williams do not go down on the 1st hit every time. Plus the blocking of the O-line is horrendous.


6. Playbooks. Is there even specifi playbooks for teams. They all looked damn near identical to me.


7. Commentators are god awful. Ron Pitts is one of the worst announcers ever, and he is in this game. Pretty much sums up Fever 2004.


That is all I can think of off the top of my head.


However, the ingame DD 5.1 is the best I have heard yet in a sports game. Very realistic.



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A few things about dean's comments


1)Its easy once ya get the hang of it-practice

2)Once and a whiile its true

3)Easy as hell

4)Every game has some money plays.

5)I can run no problem.

6)The playbooks do have different things for each team

7)I agree on the commentary. the guy sounds like the coach from wwe

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