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Anybody else looking forward to Crimson Skies?


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I really enjoyed this game on the PC, and am drooling over the prospect of 16 plane dogfights, CTF, etc on xbox live. The official website lists 6 different types of online play (dogfight, team dogfight, keepaway and team keepaway, ctf, and "wild chicken.")


wild chicken requires you to catch and deposit a flying chicken at your home base for points. While you'll earn points for shooting down enemy craft in this game, the real money is in catching the chicken.


The screenshots look great so far as well. EB has the game listed with a 10/21 realease date. Is this accurate?


Who else is interested?

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After Halo 2, this is my most anticipated Xbox game this year. I loved the PC game. The world was very cool and the game was just simple fun.


The screens I've seen so far of the Xbox version are very impressive. The Live play will be fantastic but if it's anything like the PC online play, watch out. There was little middle ground in terms of skill on the PC version. You were either an ace or you were going down in flames.


Can someone confirm a sighting I had? I could have sworn one of the movies or screens I've seen showed a plane with a jet engine. If there is a jet in the game I hope it doesn't ruin the alternative world which was so finely crafted in the first game.

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Nothing official yet. I'm just crossing my fingers.


I sincerely doubt Halo2 will be "pushed up" to this year considering there's talk of it not making its current "rough date". I'd love to be proved wrong, but I doubt it'll happen, unless you've heard rumbling from the retail side?


As for Crimson Skies, I really hope it's good... By all accounts, for a lot of its dev period, it's been one of those games that "gives great demo" in that it looks great in movies & in the hands of one of the devs but really isn't as "together" as it looks. I know it got that last big delay purely because the gameplay just wasn't 'there" enough yet... Allegedly... ;)

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I thought the two major Crimson Skies delays were due to replacing the original team and adding Live modes. Perhaps I was mistaken though.


unless you've heard rumbling from the retail side?


Nothing...there is just a lot of hope for it. Microsoft is the current focus as it's seen as the growth console and Halo2 would only make that status stronger.

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I played through 1 level of this in the Xbox tent at Lollapalooza this summer and, as a fan of thePC game, I was very pleased. The controls were smooth, the graphics were gorgeous, and it was just outright fun. I only hope the rest of it is as tasty as the bit that was there, and if the online play is well implemented, this will be an absolute blast.

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