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What did you get?


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So far Santa has been good to me. We opened some presents tonight to ease the pain tomorrow.


So far I got:


Ghost Recon 2


Logitech wireless conroller for the X-box (this thing is sweet)


A "Lord of the Cockrings" shirt. :lmfao:

Chapelle Show Season 1

new blades for my electric razor

Simpsons PJs

new wallet

Metro Sexual Body Detergent. :lmfao:

A laser pointer that beams the messages "Fuck Off", "Nice Tits", "Nice ass", and "Big Dick". :lmfao:


Oh, I also bought Call of Duty (X-box) for myself with gift certificates from work. :tu:



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Originally posted by RingWraith@Dec 25 2004, 02:14 AM

A "Lord of the Cockrings" shirt.

Sounds like someone found you the perfect gift. ;)


So far for me from the GF and her folks:


Four framed Nene Thomas prints.

Nightmare Before Xmas pj's

Laser Level kit and a heavy duty studfinder for hanging new art.

Cocktail Shaker and bar accesories


more to come as I have xmas with my family tomorrow...


from my fam:

enough cash for an HDTV :tu:

a lunchbox with Pugs on it

microfiber throw for the new furniture

a microwave potato pouch

plain black watch cap

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From the wife:

Friday the 13th Box Set

Dawn of the Dead Ultimate Edition - this thing rules btw!

Scene It


From her parents:

Katamari Damacy


From my parents:

512MB PC3200 RAM

Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS

Logitech Z-5300e Speakers

two sweaters


Definetely not a bad haul.

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From Mrs Santa's Sister (aka my wife):


Sony dual layer DVD writer


Outrun 2, Paper Mario

The Downward Spiral SACD

A few DVDs I've been wanting

new headphones for work

"Got Monkey?" coffee mug

"Monkey Boy" T-shirt


Right now she's rocking out to Karaoke Revolution which she's loving :) I got her a bunch of dvds she wanted, some perfume she loves, the Sex & the city trivia game, and a spa package which she's really pleased with. Off to her god mother's for dinner, some present swapping to be done there.

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So far (I haven't gone to my parent's yet):


Stikfas (my new toy obsession) Alpha Male Ninja Blue

Stikfas Alpha Male Ninja Black

Paper Mario 2

Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (Dutch language version, funny story here)

Handmade knitted java jacket

Handmade knitted scarf

Tall latte cup good for 10% off my favorite coffee house for life

Ghirardelli white chocolate powder flavoring

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For x-mas/birthday


NY Jets T-shirt

2 Nike T-shirts

Nike Sweat Outfit

Other assorted shirts and cloths

Gamestop and Bestbuy Gift cards

Norelco Cordless Rechargable Shaver

M&M ceramic candy holder- Im a M&M dispenser fanatic ;)

Eli Manning bobble head-So anytime the giants loose i can just throw it :green:



As always tommorow is my big day as everyone in my family knows i buy stuff i want right away. So gift cards are always the best choice. So tommorow I take all my holiday cash/Gift cards and go on a huge DVD shopping spree. Bestbuy here i come :tu:

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I got:


Ghost Recon 2 - Xbox

Assorted candies and foods

Assorted toiletries including a cool little M3 razor travel kit


A knife (I get a new knife every year from my father, we're big on weapons :green: )

About $415 in cash :tu:


My birthday's in about 6 days too :green:

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Hmm, so far I've managed...


- A copy of Baten Kaitos :tu:

- A couple of board games (Dibs and Scattergories for those interested)

- Some work clothes

- A gift certificate for FutureShop that will transmogrify into the Simpsons Season Five box set tomorrow ;).

- A copy of Half-Life 2 that has yet to arrive. Soon I will be flinging toilets with the best of them. :green:

- A Mystery Box being sent by my sister. It could literally contain anything...

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Didn;t get much this year. Mostly because I don't do the Christmas present thing much. We do the dinner and all the other pleasantries, but presents aren't a big thing for us.


I was happy for one thing, and that was the first time EVER that someone in my family bought me a game for Xmas. My stepmom bought me Rumble Roses, knowing full well how much I like wrestling and how much I like chicks. :D


I dod get a nice jackets, and some socks & underwear (Its not Xmas without that in my family!, and a few other odds and ends.


I did buy myself a lot of presents this year though.


Canon A95

A bunch of games

King Arthur Directors Cut

Napoleon Dynamite

The Manchurian Candidate


I like giving myself presesnts. Sure it expensive, but I always get what I want.

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My family likes to do cash (we don't like shopping much anyway).


I got $50/card from Grandma earlier this month (which ended up helping to pay the mortage at the beginning of the month :( )


From Dad I got $20/card (He's poor-er than I am)


From my new , ahem, COUGH, step-parents (I prefer to call them my wife's parents :? )

Half life 1 Collection that was on sale on black friday for $5/$10 (can't remember which)

One of those gimmicky Car cleaning kits (useful at least, my GTP needs some loving)

A joke machine that prints out jokes (what a waste of $20)



From my wife I got a $100 Barnes and Noble g/c. WOOT! Books!! My favorite thing in the world!! And it works at B&N.com :D :D :D



(FOR HER I got the Red Octane DDR pad, Sonic Mega Collection for gc, and a super-duper sheet set on a deal at Amazon)




Oh, and I bought myself FFI&II Dawn of Souls for GBA for something to do (as I worked 7p-1a yesterday and again today).

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I'm a little like Chris in that big gifts usually aren't exchanged. We get together, have dinner and exchange fairly small items. I did end up with several gift cards and some cash that I will put to good use early tomorrow (BOXING DAY!!), Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 2, Shaun of the Dead, some clothes and lots of little stocking stuffer type items.

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While it's surely not a "gamers" gift. My favorite gift of all was an electric turkey frier/ steamer/boiler/etc. Linky Link


While I want it for the turkey, I am also a big fisherman, so some good ol' fish frys are in order. The cooker would also be great for chicken wings/steamed crab lebs/etc.

(p.s) No, I don't work for masterbuilt :lol:)



I also got a docking station for my digital camera and a P&S Spiderman 1 & 2 which I will be exchanging for the real thing.

I got MYSELF the ROTK gift set :)


Every have a safe holiday. :tu:

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Well add these to my list via the use Gift cards/holiday cash.


Quantum Leap Season 2 DVD

ST:Voyager S4 DVD

Manchurian Candidate DVD

Shaun of the Dead DVD

Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball xbox


To be added this week with remaning funds

4400 s1 dvd

Res Evil Apoc dvd

Battlestar Galactica miniseries dvd


I also forgot the following which i got a few weeks back with some gift certs


Tru Calling S1 DVD

Happy Gilmore/Billy Madison Special Edition 2 packs DVD

24 Season 3 DVD


If you didnt notice im a big tv on dvd fan . Hell a big DVD fan period





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I got (and some of these are my kids' gifts, but we share in this family!)


Star Wars Trilogy DVD

LOTR:ROTK Extended edition

Ratchet and Clank 2

Mario Party 6

Midway Arcade Treasures 2

Namco Museum

NBA 2k5


Paper Mario 2

I, Robot DVD

Halo 2 Calendar

SpiderMan 2 DVD

Metroid Prime (first one, we're going to try again to like it)

Metal Arms:A Glitch in the System



Oh, and we also got a very, very small snow flurry in Houston on Xmas eve, which was amazing in the way it made my kids light up with excitement.




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Originally posted by Failsafe+Dec 26 2004, 01:03 PM--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (Failsafe @ Dec 26 2004, 01:03 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> <!--QuoteBegin-merlot@Dec 26 2004, 11:01 AM

  • Family Guy Season 4

You have something very, very special there, Mike. Season 4 hasn't even aired yet. :green: [/b]

LOL, opps, I meant Season 3 (vol. 2)

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My goods


From my Wife:


Scene It


Beard Trimmer




From My Mom in Law:


100 Dollar Cash, with which I bought


"The Simpsons" Season 5 DVD set




Metal Arms - which J.Fo grabed for me at a local BB




My Dad and Step Mom


Donkey Konga For my Wife and me


An extra set of Bongos





My Brother and sister in law


A bunch of difrent types of kitchen gadgetry


A fancy dancy new hard cover cook book ( My wife actually got it,but its still really cool)


40 lbs of assorted meats





An Xbobx High Def A/V pack :tu:

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