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Your glorious victory!!


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  • 4 weeks later...

Saturday night I had a really great victory!


Me and my buddy Texaco were playing some Team slayer against the great unwashed, when in walk Jtello and Kfredricks. So they join in and we proceed as a team to kick serious ass.


I got paged from work so I had to step away from a moment. Keith had control and switched it to a custom game. When I came back and they were ganging up on Texaco.


So we decided to keep it 2 on 2 for a while and Keith and Joel proceeded to give us a good whooping.


Drunk and tired, we agreed to a final game. I'm talking a lot of smack, but mostly to my teammate Texaco (as I said in the smacktalk thread he is the only one I really relish smacktalking with, and it made no difference that he was on my team).


Rocketball is the game, and after yelling at the top of my lungs to Tex that yes, it was odball, and yes, it would involve rockets, we started.


It was a hardfought battle, with the ball changing hands countless times, but take a look at the ending times. Tex and I won by 1 second, the narrowest margin of victory possible.


It was the perfect way to end the evening, and before they could demand a rematch we said our goodnights!


Joel and Keith, we had a great time with that. 2 on 2 can be really fun, as I learned that night.



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