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Is anyone familiar with these agencies/charities? I hate to say it, but I'm wary of my dollars being diverted to administration costs (or worse) rather than going directly to those who need it. That's a big list, and if anyone can narrow it down to the most trustworthy, that would be helpful.


On a related note, the sheer size of what is happening in SE Asia is really unfathomable. It's far beyond imagination.

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I found a site that offers evaluations of charitable organizations. They cover a lot of them. On first glance I see both Oxfam America and Directrelief.org (the latter of which does very well passing along contributions to those who need it) listed, I didn't look through it carefully. If you are wondering where to send your money, this may help you decide.



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Originally posted by stencil@Dec 29 2004, 11:21 AM

I'll be using directrelief.org - they focus on getting health care goods to the region and they got fedex to donate shipping and have constant updates on what they're doing.

Ditto. Looks like they had the smallest percentage of admin costs, and by including "tsunami relief" in the form's comments field, they use all your funds for that particular effort.

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