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Burnout 2 - Saving replays?

Chris F

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I bought Burnout 2 a week or so ago, and have been enjoying it a LOT.


Does anyone know if you can save replays in it? I haven't read anything in the manual about it...



Never mind, I found my answer. Wow, I can't believe they didn't add an option to save replays in this game. If any game should let you save replays, it should have been this one.

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Yeah, replay saving, especially on the Xbox should have been a no-brainer. The only real black mark on an otherwise outstanding game IMO.


In Burnout 3, I'm hoping for true online play, more destructable environments, and exploding gas trucks.


Would it be wrong to want bodies strewn across the street as well?


Hey, I liked Carmageddon a LOT. :twisted:

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