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Plague Hand For Sale Thread


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Something I was hoping to see in World of Warcraft was an area where guild members could offer each other deals on things that they can't use themselves. It doesn't look like anything like that is in the works, so I thought I would create a thread where we could list stuff that other people might be able to use. The idea is, instead of selling to some random stranger in the Auction House, we would offer the stuff to guild members first (hopefully at a better price, but that's up to you).


What I suggest is you list the item, go to a place like thottbot or allakhazam to look up and list the stats of the item, list the auction price, and the price you are willing to sell the item to a guild member.


Also, if anyone is looking for something in particular you can post it here so the other guild members can keep an eye out for you. For example, if any of you leatherworkers need me to make elixirs of agility or defense for your items, go ahead and list it and I'll do what I can to get it to you.


I'm going to pin this thread for now to see what kind of interest it generates. If it dies, I'll unpin it and we can pretend it never happened. :)

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Oh, for those people who have the shredder manual quest, I've got extra pages 1, 3, 10, and several 12s. I just need 2 and 6 and I'll be done with the wretched thing. :P


Okay, let me start it off:


Dire Wand

Binds when equipped


24 - 45 Shadow Damage Speed 1.70

(20.3 damage per second)

Durability 50 / 50

Requires Level 21


Auction house price: 36s

Guild price: 15s

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That sounds like a good deal to me... I'm about half way to 18, so it seems like a great carrot to dangle. (As if I need any additional motivation to play now that the holidays are over!) I'm not in the guild :( , but I'll buy it if you've still got it!



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Chris, if you're on Eredar give me your character's name and I'll just mail it to you. I unpinned this thread because it wasn't generating any interest and I've since sold that dire wand but I am almost positive I picked up another one. Actually I know I picked up another one but I'm almost positive I still have it.

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Thanks Dave... my fingers are crossed!


I wonder if the lack of interest might have been due to the holidays? I know I wasn't around here (or in the game, for that matter) but once or twice in the past 10 days or so...


My warlock's name is Gruul, and thanks again!

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