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Help me pick out a computer case


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I'm on the verge of a PC upgrade. My 300W Antec PS probably won't cut it on my new system...besides, my XP1800+, etc will go to my wife's PC - and she's got a scary DEER 250W PS that I consider a POS. So she will need it anyway.


So, I figured rather than buy myself a PS (Newegg has a Thermaltake 420W for $36), I would just buy a case with a decent wattage PS. I know crappy PSs aren't a good idea, but I'm on a tight budget here (need to pay for A64 2800+, at least 512MB PC3200, etc).


I don't really do the bling-bling thing, in fact, I detest Riceburner modded cars...but I like more tasteful mods. I concluded I wanted some lights on this case. But I don't want a Demon case or something.


Help me pick out a case:


My first choice right now:



Similiar, but in green:




2nd choice :



(same case as above in blue)



3rd choice:




I also liked this one (not in stock)





If I had the money I would get this one :





Green for a GreenMonkey :D


Willing to take any more suggestions. I really want to keep it under $70 shipped...honestly, I would prefer to keep it under $40 shipped, but my philosophy is to buy it right the first itme.

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