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My wife has broken me down, and I'm finally going to dish out some dough for a new computer, any advice here is greatly appreciated. I've been out of the PC loop for sometime now, so I'm pretty ignorant on just about everything.


Here's what I want....

1. To be able to buy virtually any piece of software and not worry about the requirements

2. Small Footprint, might end up being a laptop as this is VERY important, at the very least i need a flat screen.

3. Price < $1500 preferably below $1000

4. Wireless network card (i know i can buy this, but i imagine it's cheaper if it comes preinstalled)


That's about it. It will primarily be a family computer, but i'd like to keep up w/ the jones' and throw a new game in on occasion. I really am clueless as to how much ram, video ram, and such I'll need/want. I get 10% off dell and gateway, so I'm really leaning toward one of their laptops right now.


Oh, and in a perfect world I'd really like to hook it up to my hdtv, but that's probably pushing it.

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Originally posted by Robot Monkey@Aug 28 2003, 04:22 PM

Is a new monitor part of the budget? Because that can be a huge cost driver.


Yes, I currently have a 15" CRT monitor which is simply too large.

If I get a laptop, I'll likely leave it in my office and setup a docking station of sorts, otherwise the monitor is off to the trash bin.

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