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Name those games


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I was going through some old pictures and I found the pic below of a birthday party I had in an Aladdin arcade back in the day.


I'm the one at "Two Tigers" and you easily tell "Max RPM" but does anyone with eagle eyes and photographic memories recognize the other machines?




Click for a larger version

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Thats the wonders of the disk cameras for you :)


I had to do some fitzing to figure out the one was two tigers but somone out there has to know the one to the left since it looks pretty distinctive what with the jaunty angle and guy firing a laser and all :)


I played some Max RPM and Two Tigers on MAME and we certainly have come a long, long way.

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What's the date Zathras? That would certainly help. I'm having the same problem Cal is, too damn hard to see, though the one after Two Tigers looks really, really, really familiar.


I almost want to say Xenophobe based on the joysticks but it doesn't look the proper size for the cabinet and the colors are off.


That funktastic joystick also reminds me of Laser Ghost, but that title's a sit-down three-player title. I'm soooo helpful ;).

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