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Latest preview of Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain


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Since last years Smackdown was the 1st one from the series that I liked, I have been kind of keeping an eye out on this one. From the latest Preview from Gamespot, it sounds like THQ and Yukes took last years fine effort and really improved it. Here is a brief excerpt from the article:


What makes the latest SmackDown even more representative of the WWE spectacle are the injury and damage models. Not only is there location damage that lets you target the head, chest, or legs of an opponent to soften them up for a submission maneuver, but this damage also has an actual effect on stamina. For example, if your torso has been badly damaged and you attempt to perform a move that involves that area, then your wrestler will clinch that part of his or her body and take a few seconds to recover before going on to the next move. This adds a nice little element to the game in that it makes it feel as though you've just been through a grueling match.


This little improvement alone is making me want this game badly. Plus, blood is back in WWE games. :Rock:

Oh, and another fine addition....being able to buy classic wrestlers like Superfly Snuka from the Shopzone.


Now, if we could just THQ to add online play in these games. I want a TLC match online with friends. :)



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