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Disney to remake Tron


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Well, according to that article, the programmer will now get caught in the internet, rather than a mainframe. Here's where I see a problem. The internet is made up of thousands of computers, while the mainframe was just one with the programs under it's control. There is no one entity that controls the whole internet, so I'm sure the writers will have to change that. To geeks like us, it may not work; to the general public it may.


I'm keeping my expectations low and if it's a half decent movie than I'll be surprised.

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This is wrong... wrong... WRONG!

Jeff Bridges brought just the right amount of goofiness so the original really couldn't take itself that seriously, unlike, say, The Black Hole, where the goofiness was unintentional (although I've grown to really like sections of The Black Hole). I see the remake of Tron looking pretty, but probably as vapid as the rest of Hollywood these days...

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