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PC FPS - 2005 Edition


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This is just a thread to post about your anticipated PC FPS games, with info about screens, videos, release dates, etc. There's quite a few exciting FPS games coming out this year, commencing with Project Snowblind in February. Here's some I'm excited about.


Project Snowblind:


Release Date - February 23

Plot - You're a biologically altered super-marine Nathan Frost fighting in Hong Kong against an evil regime, equipped with futuristic weapons and some pretty cool-sounding special abilities, like "Cloak" which hides you from the enemy unless you take out your weapons, a Riot Wall which is like an energy shield, a spiderbot, and a lot more.

Check out the preview here:



Star Wars Republic Commando:


Release Date - March 1

Plot - Set during the Clone Wars, as the title suggests you're a Republic Commando. The action takes place between Episode II and III of the trilogy. Not much of the story is know so far, but check out this preview for the full scoop:





Release Date - June 7

Plot - You are part of a special ops team attempting to fight off supernatural forces at an aerospace complex, in which most of the occupants have been brutally massacred. If you haven't seen this game's E3 or CES movie, do so soon. This one looks AWESOME and is the one I'm excited most about.



Battlefield 2:


Release Date - March 21

Plot - Set in a conflict in the near future in the Middle-East. Not much to say on the story side of course. Here's a preview and a nifty little video of some of the action in the wetlands in Yemen, which looks pretty good.



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I think the only FPS games I'm looking forward to this year are:


Battlefield 2 - Yeah it's an EA game, and I'm not buying ANY EA games, but if there was one to make me break that vow, this would be it.


FEAR - Movies and screens look sick. Other than that, I don't know too much about it.


Stalker - http://www.stalker-game.com/ - The engine looks beautiful in this game. I hope it plays as good as it looks.

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Battlefield 2 delayed:




I'm guessing it's a graphics problem. In the last demo they showed off for the game, it was running on an SLI setup with 2 6800 Ultra cards. Rumor has it that the game requires some hefty hardware. I think they're delaying it so they can optimize the game.

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