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Moderators and getting help

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If you need assistance (for example, if you did a double-post or posted in the wrong forum):


1. Find out who moderates the forum in which you posted (the "Level Boss"). You can find this information in a few places; there's a link in the My Assistant window, at the bottom of the main board index page and in the forum description on the mainboard index page.


Send a "level boss" (moderator) a PM with your request. Please include a link in the PM to makes things easier.


2. If you have a big problem that requires immediate attention (e.g., a flame war in progress or a pornographic post) you can always send a PM to a "boss" (global moderator).


3. There are three lcvg owners, and all three naturally have owner/admin capabilities. Only one, however, runs the forum and that is Kelley (gigapower). Requests in regards to the forums should be directed to Kelley (gigapower), not Romier (FutureVoid) or Scott (Buck).


Always contact your moderators first. We exist so the owners can be freed up to do more important things. Don't hesitate to contact your moderators if you need help.



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