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The New Whootermobile


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Originally posted by Robot Monkey@Jan 14 2005, 09:31 PM

I love the 3 hatchback as well. Let us know how it works out!


Oh, and how much room is in the cargo/hatch area? It doesn't look like enough for a medium-size dog, but I'm not sure.



With the back seats up, it'd probably be a little tight for Lucy, but with the back seats down, it's pretty spacious. I'd get some pix of the interior, but there won't be anywhere to post 'em in about an hour... :)

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I've had romps in a few recent Mazdas and I really like the chassis. Last one I drove was a 02 Protege ES, I think. Lightly-weighted but communicative steering, smooth gearbox (though not quite as rifle-bolt precise and delicious as the MX-5), fantastically tossable (partly due to the lightish weight) and good Front-wheel-drive manners. Plenty good fun to cane.


I imagine your 3 is even better. I adore the fresh styling, and the interior ain't half bad, either -- especially love the instrument cluster. I only wished the tachometer was front and center (but that's a gripe I have with almost every car). Nice steering wheel, also. Nice diameter, nice rim thickenss and contours.


The Mazda I'd most get right now is probably the Mazdaspeed Miata. The base car is already good, but for max thrills it could be a tad faster. A little turbo does the trick. ;)


Or an RX-8 if I needed the rear seats. Except you need to check the oil every 2 fill-ups. Every 2 fillups?! That will quickly become chore!


Anyway, enjoy the new baby! :tu

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Awesome car Joel!


It's funny because I have been looking at the 6 and the RX-8. I love Maxda's new line of cars.


Cameron' date=' don't forget the Mazdaspeed 6 which is due pretty soon. If you were looking at a RX-8 I imagine you wanted the performance, and the MS 6 might be just the right compromise.


274 Horses. 280 ft-lbs. 2.3 Liter Turbo 4.


It won't have the nimbleness and the rear-drive sweetness of the RX8, but it has all the practicality of the 6 and AWD (front-biased) if you have the weather.


They're estimated $28k. An RX-8 6 speed starts at $27.4. So they're pretty close.



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Nice car Joel! I was just behind one today (dark grey) and thought it was pretty sweet. Is yours auto or manual?


I test drove a RX-8 and that was an incredible ride. The best shifter I've ever used. It remained amazingly flat in a higher than normal speed on-ramp manuaver and the sound of the rotary engine was sweet.


I too was looking forward to the Mazadaspeed 6, but as exile said, it hasn't recieved great inital reviews. However, if they put that same drivetrain in the 3, it'll be a sweet ride for sure.

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Sam' date='

The review in the latest Car and Driver was not all that flattering of the Mazdaspeed 6[/quote']


No, like Merlot said, most reviews haven't been.


I know if I wanted a hot 4 door sedan with AWD, I would get a Mitsu EVO or WRX STi, in that order. But I can see how someone who isn't entirely hardcore about driving but enjoys Mazdas and wants something a little quick and relaxed would be suited to a MS 6.


If I didn't need the AWD, I would go stright to the RX-8. I don't think there's anything new out there that cheap with rear-wheel-drive (RWD obsession here), period. Or maybe a Pontiac GTO / Holden Monaro. And then there's the 350Z. And S2k. And Mazdaspeed Miata.


Great time to be buying a fun car.

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Nice car Joel! I was just behind one today (dark grey) and thought it was pretty sweet. Is yours auto or manual?


It's an automatic. I've never learned a manual, and this dog is too old to start learning new tricks. :) I can pretend, though, with the SporTronic mode (or whatever they call it)... That Titanium Grey is a nice color, it was in line behind Lava Orange and Sunlight Silver for me...

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