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All members read. WE'RE BACK!

Romier S

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Thank you all so much for your patience during the downtime in getting everything back up and running. The new software as you can see is now in place and we are working out some last minute issues that are desperately in need of correcting. Thankfully, these issues are all very minor and we have decided to not keep the forum down while we work them out. Here is a list of small things you will see changing over the next couple of days:


-The LCVG banner will be replacing that big old ugly Vbulletin logo. Our graphics man is working on the new banner and it will be ready hopefully by later tonight or tommorrow


-Many of the smilies available are pretty darn ugly as they each have a white border and do not look correct. We will be importing many of the old smilies we used to have to replace the current ones. In the meantime, please continue to use the current ones while we get that fixed.


-Some may notice some HTML/CSS type code in thier signatures. This is an unfortunate side affect of the new software switchover. Simply redoing your signatures will correct the issue and get things looking right.


-Avatar and sig size limits are in place. However due to the new software anyone with an avatar exceeding 105X105 had thiers removed for the relaunch. Please make sure you keep your avatars to a size of 105X105 and signatures to 450X150. If you need help getting things resized please feel free to email me (romier@lcvg.com) and I will do the work for you.


-Spoiler tags are working, they are just not listed in the panel options. You only need to use the "{spoiler}" and "{/spoiler}" (replace { with [) and they will work. If you do not see the full array of posting option you will want to go into your user control panel and then go under "Edit Options" . At the bottom you will see "Message Editing Interface". You will want to select "Standard Editor."


If you have any other questions pertaining to how the new software works please feel free to post your questions in the Console discussion thread that mirrors this one and we will do the best we can to help you out!


-We will be experiencing a little more downtime as we finalize the changes on the forums. The downtime will be in the 3 hour range but this will not be done until late tonight or tommorrow evening (in the 3am or so range).




-LCVG Staff

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