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Xbox2 mentioned in EA press release


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They didn't post the actual press release (which may be odd) but Spong is reporting an EA press release for the fall 2005 game, Need For Speed: Most Wanted, mentions simultaneous release on multiple consoles this year -including Xbox2.


As if we needed any more evidence of the Xbox2's imminent release. ;)

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does anyone at this point not expect a North American Xbox2 launch in the Autumn?


I certainly expect it though I'm not sure I'm looking forward to it. I've noted as such in the past but I believe the current consoles still have a good bit of life left in them. Mid-Late 2006 seems a more fitting time period to begin releasing new hardware IMHO but I suppose that may just be me holding onto the past. Either way I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested in what Xbox Next will bring to the table. With all of the exclusivity deals and big news items over the past few weeks, next gen will definitely be interesting to say the least.

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I really hope they come out with Xbox 2 by winter time.

I have the original xbox with crappy drive, I have a lot of problems with a lot of games. I haven't bought a new one because of all the XB2 news....

All I know is, it better be backwards compatible.....


I think the best game they could include to promote the XB2 would be Halo 2.5 :rock

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Eurogamer has a little article about EAs next generation announcements from a Netherlands press event. You can read it here.


Some usual suspects on the list; Burnout 4, another Harry Potter, another James Bond (From Russia with Love apparently), Tiger Woods, Fifa 06 and Fifa Street 2, SSX4 and others... Thirteen in all are Xbox2 bound in "late 2005/early 2006".



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So, if Microsoft is to have a successful Xbox 2 launch, when should Microsoft's hype machine for Xbox 2 begin, if indeed it is coming out in the Fall?


Well, they certainly don't want to harm current Xbox sales by saying too much. We'll see the games and hardware at E3 but Microsoft will be very careful to ensure the spotlight is shared with the current Xbox. They'll probably announce an Xbox price drop and continue to promote the message that Xbox is a viable entry-level console.

Once the marketing machine builds up in the fall, however, it's all Xbox 2. Really, though, don't expect the "hype machine" to shift into gear until just before launch.

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