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Recommendations for the PALM OS 4!

Andre F

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I second Wordsmith. It's my favorite Palm word processor. You can easily install your favorite PC fonts and it does spell checking/thesaurus duties.


Here are some others I simply could not function without:


TapPad - I don't remember which Sony you have but if it's one with a virtual graffitti area you must give TapPad a try. It makes entry of numbers and special characters ($, %, &, etc) much, much faster. It also eliminates the need for the graffitti upstroke to create capital letters.

It also works with non-virtual graffitti PDAs but it requires a clunky overlay.


Contacts 4 - I have found this to be the best address book replacement on the market. I used to use the very capable Supernames until I discovered Contacts 4's superior interface. Very powerful and very quick. Contacts 5 is in beta and should be out soon.


TimeCopy - is a great little app which synchs your PDA's internal clock to your PC's clock every time you perform a hotsynch. Keeps things accurate -and it's free.


Pocket Quicken - My Clie is my checkbook. Pocket Quicken synchs with the desktop version perfectly. I was amazed at how easy it all was to do.


Splash ID - The best way I've found to keep all my (literally hundreds) passwords and account numbers safe and at my fingertips. There is freeware out there that does the same thing but none look as nice. Splash ID also includes an app that runs on your PC -keeping your data protected in two places in the event you loose your PDA.


DateBK5 - My pick as the best DateBook replacement on the Palm OS. Spend some time with this one as the multiple option screens alone will take you a week to master.


Z Launcher - The coolest piece of software you can buy for your Palm is a replacement Launcher. There are lots of good ones out there (YiShow, Launcher X, MegaLauncher) but Z Launcher is far and away the best. It looks the best (hundreds of fantastic skins are available) and is by far the most powerful. It will allow you to manage your external storage (memory card, SD, whatever) and all your files without the need for additional applications. It's a document viewer and an image viewer and who knows what else they've put in there. The quicklaunch feature is a great time saver. Best of all it's only $12.


Diddlebug - A simple little app that gets a lot of use by me. It simply lets you make quick freehand drawings or notes and provides a very fast mechanism for setting reminder alarms. Very similar to the expensive bloatware that is Bug Me -but this one is free. There's a high-res version out there somewhere.


TomeRaider - My favorite document viewer. Great for ebooks.


iSilo & iSilo X - Another must-have document reader. iSiloX is great for getting web clippings onto your Palm device.


X Master - A freeware hack manager

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Rumors continue to fly about some sort of PDA-like device from Apple. Jobs has stated he sees no market for another PDA but the rumors seem to mix a PDA sized device that controls your Mac & entertainment center. Something like a palm-sized iPronto is what I picture.

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Try Novii Remote -it's the best looking but I haven't used it myself.


Prior to Novii Remote the big dog in the Palm infrared control category was OmniRemote. Lots of people like it but I've always had problems running it.


There are rumors that the Nevo Remote software will be ported to the Palm OS soon (currently only for PocketPC users). It's cool because it uses Pronto CCF files.

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