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N-Gage Go Bye-bye?

Chris F

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Sure it's The Inq, and they're not known for they're stellar reporting, but this caught my eye.


What I find most interesting, is that although I know people have bought the N-Gage, I've never actually seen one being used or played. I see people with all sorts of Gameboys, and Tiger electronic handheld games, but never with an N-Gage.


With the PSP coming out in a few months, maybe Nokia realizes there isn't much a market for their product?

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Seems quite likely. Been awhile since I've seen an ad for teh Ngage on TV, and I've never seen one being played in person. But, if the Rifts based RPG actually comes out for it this spring, I'll be tempted just to be able to play that. Be kinda like buying an Atari Jaguar just for ALien vs Predator and Tempest 2000. :)

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Hehe, the N-Gage still makes me laugh. I've never known what Nokia was thinking, and everytime I see that it's still selling in stores I think "Woah, it's still around!"


Has it really been selling well enough to keep it alive? Or is Nokia just being stubborn in keeping it around?

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