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I miss my Amiga


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I wish I could go back in time and tell myself "DON'T SELL YOUR AMIGA!" but nooooo I just had to have that new fandangled PC with a CD-Rom drive so I could play the "Seventh Guest."


The Amiga just had so many good games and the graphics were so far ahead of their times. Thinking about it it was kind of like the Xbox now - whenever you saw a magazine ad for a game it was just about always the Amiga version pictured. It still astonishes me that most of them were on what - 2 disks maybe 3. And you could use Genesis control pads (one of my favorite all time controllers).


sniff sniff Amiga I hardley knew ye. . . .


Sword of Sodan with your HUGE characters.


Space Ace/Dragons Lair so close to the arcade it was amazing, but what was more shocking was the instantaneous load times - I don't know how they did it but as soon as you clicked the disc in it just started....


Psygnosis games with their rocking intros.



Was anyone else an Amigaphile?

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