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Anyone else tried it? I'd given it a few goes before, but had always given up due to the frustrating controls/interface. After hearing so much about it, I finally decided to give it an honest go today. After a slow start and trying a few different clients, I'm actually finding it to be an addictive little timewaster of an RPG. It's sort of like Diablo, in that the dungeons are all randomly generated. Staying alive, fighting, dungeon-crawling, maintaining your pet, making sure you eat...this isn't an easy game. You can grab the Windows version from here, it has both a plaintext and light graphical version included. There's also Falcon's Eye, which has a much nicer GUI (although, I couldn't get it running on my Windows computer, it seems to work fine on my Linux laptop). The learning curve can seem a bit steep, but once you get used to it it's fast to use. I'd recommend reading The Guidebook to get yourself acquainted, and keep it open so you can search for help if you get stuck.


A recent game involved me having my kitten shoplift a store for me, only to later have it accidentally crushed by a boulder. Now that's good gaming. :D

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