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I played the initial version a few years ago. It was very fun. You had to complete the different types of training before you were allowed to use certain weapons. What was great was there were not many snipers due to sniper school being somewhat difficult. I am proud to say that I completed sniper school and Airborne school as well. The missions were you parachuted in were quite fun. :tu


One of these days I will get to downloading the current version.



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Well, I've got the latest engine and a character (rmonkeylcvg). I went through Basic Training, qualified for both the M24 and M82 sniper rifles and got my wings. I also played the actual game online for a while ;). Here are some thoughts:


1. Graphics-wise, it seems like the best of yesterday's technology. The game hasn't dipped below 40 frames per second online. I'm running it at 1680x1050 on my PC with everything turned up to the highest settings. I also have a Catalyst profile that forces 4x AA. It looks fine. People with older/crappy systems might be pleasantly surprised (although, IIRC, the game won't work with integrated Intel graphics).


2. Coordinating with your teammates is critical to success. I like that very much, but that leads to my next observation.


3. The lack of voicecomm is a huge problem, IMO. I have no idea how people coordinate with one another through text, especially when you're trying to play the game at the same time.


4. The games I played with fellow newbs were a lot of fun. I need to try to find those games more often so I don't get owned 30 seconds into each match.


5. I like that players are required to get certain quals to do things in the game. Punching your ticket at various schools can be surprisngly fun.


The only complaint I have is the CLS qual has three classroom components and I've sat through enough boring military briefings to know I don't need more in a virtual environment. Anyway, I had a buddy give me the answers to the airway management exam, so maybe it's pretty realistic there. :D


6. The price is right.


7. When you install the game, you must commit to playing it for 4 weeks. Also, the game has the option to require you to play for longer if you are in a high-demand MOS.

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Wow, this is just like a blog: It's just a long series of posts by me and no one reads it! ;)


Anyway, I continue to play this. It's the closest I've come to the Ghost Recon experience I had with the first game on XBL (and I loved that game). Coordination continues to be difficult for me, as well as any other tasks required to succeed in the game.


I'm still having fun, though. I'm at Level 12 now, so I have 3 more to go before I can use the M4 SOPMOD (although I already set up a couple different customizations).


BTW, I forced 2x AA, not 4x and it does look nice.


If any of you plan to get on the free online FPS bandwagon, let me know and we can try to hook up in the game.

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Sorry it's been a while since I updated my America's Army Blog. Anyway:


Now that Gork is playing it's fun to jump into it for an hour or so at a time while on Skype.


I find sniping to be near impossible. Part of the problem is the size of the maps. I mean, sometimes the sniper (actually a DM, I think) deploys with an M-82 when the longest shot is like 200 yards! Another problem is that I suck.


Another issue is that after so much time on the web, people have pretty much decided which are the popular maps -- this means that it can be difficult to find a game on a less popular map. I'm not tired of the selection yet, though.


Here's another thing: Hook up with a competent team and you can see and do quite a bit, even if you aren't an FPS badass. A bonus is that if you take a leadership slot (team leader or squad leader) you collect leadership points that count as regular honor points. Being a medic (actually a CLS, I think), gives you an opportunity to patch people up and you get honor points for that, too.


And I'm running the AA at 4x.


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