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The Best of Hubble - Click to Feel Insignificant


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One of my greatest thrills was my Astronomy class in college. Our school had a women teacher who had wrote her own astronomy book and it is used at a lot of the cuny colleges in the area. However i got lucky and had a new teacher at the school who worked in manhatten part time teaching and the rest of the time he worked for the planeterium , and he also has done some work for NASA. so anytime new pictures from hubble came he used to bring them in to show us. Loved every minute of it. The guy was a terrific teacher. He taught us everything off the top of his head. No need for books, and he thought the other teachers including the lab teachers were idiots so he never counted our lab stuff towards our final grade.



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Well this is the last time we are going to repair hubble. Usually it was on a 4 year repair schedule, because of columbia it's been seven years. Now it will be used till it dies


They tend to always say this, then start a messaging campaign about how it will die to free up public funds, and then go up and fix it.


Not that I mind. I love me some Hubble. Plus, it was designed at my alma-mater.

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