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The Blizzard 05 - Go back to canada :-)


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In NYC we get pretty much any storm everyone else in the north part of the country gets. Last years big storm was around a foot. Snow dosnt bother me. Its these dumb weather forcasters. Monday they said 10 inches, wed it was 4 inch's, yesterday it was 8-10. Now some weather guy in Penn says 12-18 or more :wtf


For those out there who dont see snow often im going to take some pictures once it starts going. If others around the NE would take some as well that would be cool.


Today snow, tommorow playing football in the snow :rock

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The forecasters have been muffing it here in Cincinnati this week too. They said a light dusting during Thursday, which turned into 5-6 inches. And today we were supposed to get another 4-6 inches and there was literally no snow on the ground this morning, just a light layer of ice. Weather wise it's not so bad, but you'd think the forecasters would be able to get it somewhat close.



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We're supposed to get 6 to 12 inches total plus drifting, got maybe 3 inches over night and it's windy as hell. So what happens this morning? My gf backs her car into a drift and rather than ask for help pushing her car out, starts digging herself out and loses her keys. I'm off to try and find them now.



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I feel your pain. We got a foot of snow Friday night through Saturday morning (northern Indiana).


I had to be at work at 5am Saturday, the streets were not plowed, for some strange reason there were more idiots out driving than normal. My little S-10 pickup did not do well.


Ok. I'm done with winter. Bring on spring. yel.gif



Annie ser.gif


:lmfao Sorry.

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