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The notification e-mails...


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The notification e-mails used to all have the same "Topic Subscription Reply Notification" topic, and thus they'd group together in Gmail nicely. It was awfully convenient. You'd see "LCVG Forums (6)" and know that you had 6 notifications, click it and you'd have all 6 links right there, and with a tabbed browser you could click 'em all open into new tabs in a jip. It was great.


Now that the thread topic is included in the e-mail topic, that luxury is no more :(

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Now they don't group in Gmail, because they have different topics. So it's a bunch of seperate e-mails... click an e-mail, click the link to the thread, trash that e-mail, repeat.


Before it was just one e-mail to click open, then you could easily click all the links, and then trash it. I thought that was one of the great things about Gmail when I first started using it :)


It makes sense to include the thread topic in the e-mail topic, though. If only Gmail let us filter e-mails with different topics into the same conversation...

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