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Unreal Championship Xbox Live Update Available!

Chris F

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For those of us that still play UC, there is an Xbox Live update available for UC.


And before anyone asks, this isn't the map update, but a "patch" that fixes some exploits, performance issues, and some other issues. One of the major changes is the disabling and enabling of Anti Aliasing in the game now.


I can't access the official site to list the changes, but they should be available from the Official UC Forum at http://www.atari.com


I downloaded it this morning, but have not had a chance to play yet to see if there are any performance increases.


The map update should be coming shortly after this update, hopefully this month!

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Quick Update


Something else I remember reading this morning (that is somewhat important) is that now you can choose to disable and enable auto-aim. The server listing should now indicate which servers have auto-aim enabled or disabled.

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The map update should be coming shortly after this update, hopefully this month!


Actually, the maps are available now as well.


Here's what the update patch addresses:


- The T.A.G. Rifle exploit

- The Rocket Launcher exploit

- All known map exploits

- The auto-aim exploit

- The novice bot, stats exploit

- The message: "No AA" now denotes a server that has auto-aim disabled

- The 'ghost-flag' exploit, in CTF matches

- Joining full servers: UC now checks if there is room in the game... before loading the map

- Resolved an occasional crash when joining a friend's match

- Resolved issues with Max Players and Private Slots

- Players will now receive one point of damage when impeding lifts

- The translocator disc will return to the gun, if it impedes a lift

- Players can no longer utilize the translocator, to pass through world geometry

- Anti-aliasing is now disabled by default. To enable it, depress both thumbsticks simultaneously during the initial UC intro video sequence

- Team-balancing fixed. The message "Teams Unbalanced", will show up briefly during an existing match, if the teams become unbalanced

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